For The Seasons and Occasions

Whether we welcome a new season or celebrate a special occasion, you can always count on themed confectionery for a unique treat. So to get you all inspired and excited, we've compiled a list of stand out chocolate ideal for a particular day. If you're a subscriber, you might even find one or two in an upcoming box. Check out our list below.

Twix Winter Spice


Starting off our list with a seasonal treat, we love the idea of Twix Winter Spice. Although we think this unique take on the classic chocolate bar is ideal for both Winter and Autumn (Fall), it is often described as 'Christmas in a bar'. Filled with spices, ginger and caramel all covered in milk chocolate, Twix Winter Spice is a must-try for us!

Thorntons Summer Collection

What's better than a single bar of chocolate? A whole box, of course! And British chocolate brand Thorntons always have the goods with their collections. The Summer Collection features an assortment of milk, white and dark chocolate perfect for sharing with friends or loved ones on a bright summer day. It also includes a variety of light and fruity flavours, including mango, passionfruit, strawberry and orange, which all look delicious!

Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses

Okay, so we're taking a trip down memory lane with Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses. A personal past favourite of mine and a memorable chocolate bar for the Christmas period. With mistletoe often being associated with Christmas, this festive take on Galaxy chocolate was honestly such a treat with its truffle & caramel filling and is certainly missed. We can only hope that the discontinued chocolate will return someday. Did you ever manage to try Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses?  

Ferrara Minis Assorted Halloween Candy

Halloween is probably one of the most popular occasions that chocolate is associated with, so we loved the idea of a good assortment of chocolate both from the UK and US. Ferrara Minis includes individually wrapped Crunch, Butterfinger and Baby Ruth mini bars marketed for Halloween parties, trick or treaters and comes in an awesome Autumn (Fall) themed packaging. We couldn't think of anything better!

MaltEaster Bunnies 

Originally released to celebrate Easter, these Malty bunny-shaped treats are now available to buy all year round and are really that good. They're a popular favourite in the UK and a fun variation of Maltesers that we love. We've even spotted both an orange and white chocolate flavour that we would love to get our hands on!

KitKat Red Velvet Miniatures


With Valentine's Day being another popular occasion for chocolate gifts, we were not surprised by the vast collection of treats available for the special day. Personally, we loved the idea of the Red Velvet flavour of the iconic chocolate bar Kit Kat which includes Red Velvet swirls and cream cheese flavoured chocolate. We love the miniatures version of the bar marketed towards Valentine's Day with its pink and red colour scheme too.

Hershey's Sprinkles n Crème Birthday Cake 

We love the idea of a birthday-themed Hershey's chocolate bar, and this one sounds exciting. Hershey's Sprinkles n Creme Birthday Cake bars are ice cream inspired bars perfectly paired with sprinkles and creamy white chocolate for a fun birthday treat. 

What's your flavour?

Have you come across any of the special themed chocolate from our list? Maybe you have one or two in mind that is perfect for a season or occasion? Let us know, and let's talk below!


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