Throwback Thursday

This Thursday, we are throwing it back and reminiscing about the confectionery and treats we enjoyed growing up in the '90s. From looking forward to grabbing snacks from the ice cream van to sharing sweets with friends whilst playing out in the neighbourhood, here are 10 of our favourites.


Dip Dab

Whenever I think of sherbet, I instantly think of sweets in the '90s and Dip Dabs. Made up of a strawberry flavoured lollipop and a lemon flavoured sherbet dip, this was full of so much flavour, lasted so long and is the ultimate '90s throwback. Check out Double Dip by Swizzels (the company that makes love hearts sweets), a personal favourite of mine! 

Space Raiders

I can't think of old school crisps without referencing Space Raiders, first launched in 1987! In high school, I always grabbed a pack of the spicy flavour from the ice cream van at lunchtime, which was my go-to crisp. I also remember craving the cheese flavour, which was quickly discontinued and ridiculously hard to find. If you grew up having Space Raiders, which flavour did you enjoy?

Tip Tops

Speaking of the ice cream van, we have to talk about Tip Tops! To this day, there are online debates as to what they should be called (Ice Pops, really?), but we'll stick with Tip Tops for now! They were the perfect cool treat on a hot summer day and ideal for those on a budget as they were so cheap. Nostalgia overload for sure!

BN Biscuits

Who remembers the B.N. catchy theme tune on the television adverts? It's already stuck in my head. The biscuits featured a smiley face on the front, packed with a range of flavoured fillings such as chocolate and strawberry. After being discontinued for ten years, we were delighted to see the biscuit return to the U.K. in 2013.



Who didn't love a Freddo chocolate bar growing up!? I remember regularly buying a bar for ten pence at my local corner shop and love the simplicity of the milk chocolate bar. Who'd have thought the rise of its price would be at the forefront of memes on the internet. It's such a classic, though!

 Iced Gems

I don't remember attending children's parties during my childhood without seeing bowls full of Iced Gems - they were that good. The miniature-sized biscuits topped with multicoloured icing will always have a special place in our hearts and are a fan favourite in the U.K.

Fun fact: Did you know that back in the 1800's the first batch of Iced Gem's accidentally turned out smaller than initially planned? They were later christened 'Gems', and after selling well, the rest is history.


A soft piece of fruity flavoured bubble gum bursting with a liquid centre that lasted for about 10 seconds? Sounds about right. As a kid, I was obsessed with the concept of blowing the biggest bubbles and absolutely loved Bubbaloo. Yes the flavour didn't last long but didn't we all enjoy popping in another piece to enjoy that burst of flavour over and over again? 



Who remembers Frosties? And no, we're not talking about the classic Cereal. These cola flavoured sweets were our go-to sweet and a popular stand out between the '80s and '90s.

Corner Shop Crisps  

And last but not least, we had to mention the packets of crisps we would pick up regularly at the corner shop. We're talking Quarterbacks, Transform-A- Snack, Oinks, Cheesy Nibbles, Tangy Toms and Petrified Prawns. What a throwback! Most of these crisps can be purchased mainly underneath the Golden Wonder brand and bring back the best memories.

Did we miss out your favourite?

We would love to mention every nostalgic treat, but we would be here all day and would most likely miss out on the odd classic. So why not drop a comment below and take a trip down memory lane with us? Let us know what snacks you grew up with and what you're missing. 


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