Weird or Unique? Questionable Candy From Around The World

We are always up for being adventurous and trying new things here at TreatGlobe, so we’ve had a look at unique types of candy from around the world. Would you dare to try something unusual looking, or do you tend to stick to what you know? Check out our list below.

Mac and Cheese Candy Canes

When we think of Candy Canes, the first thing that comes to mind is Christmas time and the mint flavoured confectionery that you would hang on a Christmas Tree. But no, these Candy Canes are Mac and Cheese flavoured. According to online mixed reviews, these are exactly what they say they are on the tin. Would you dare to give them a go, or should Candy Canes be left just as they are?

Fried Chicken Candy

We’re big fans of fried chicken here at TreatGlobe but have never thought to associate it with sweet treats. Archie McPhee, the company responsible for Cheese Candy Canes, make other questionable treats, including Bacon flavoured mints and Lobster flavoured candy. Would you give them a try?

Halloween Candy

It’s only right that we mention the wide range of weird and wonderful Halloween candy. Given that the occasion is associated with everything strange, we were not surprised to see so many types of crazy candy that would fit in perfectly at a Halloween party. We’re talking zit poppers, gummy maggots & bogeys and jelly sweets shaped like body parts. 

Moving on...

Thanksgiving Gumballs

Personally, we can’t see the appeal of tasting Thanksgiving dinner in a gumball, but each to their own, right? These gumballs come in an assortment of flavours including turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberry and are marketed to save you from ‘spending the day slaving in the kitchen’. 


Many of us grew up with flavoured laces and pencils, which were fun to eat as a kid, so this Mexican treat seemed normal to us. Then we read the description. Salsaghetti is a watermelon flavoured chewy treat shaped to mimic spaghetti. This is accompanied by a tamarind sauce which is supposed to act as a sauce you would eat with the popular dish. When reading about the mango version of this treat, the strange description said, “This delectable Mexican sauce will not make your mouth burn, but instead, it will just leave a warm, mild delicious sensation behind.”

Salsaghetti is said to be popular in Mexico and a fan favourite on special occasions. We’ll give this one a miss - but are you a fan?

Tequila Worm Sucker

Many of us enjoy a good Tequila or two, but have you ever thought about a Tequila flavoured lollipop? They’re pretty common, but the real-life worm in this one stood out for obvious reasons. Surprisingly the reviews for this lollipop are pretty favourable, except for an Amazon reviewer who wasn’t a fan. (This made us chuckle...See below)

Grillz Metal Teeth Candy

Described as an accessory that will ‘impress the homies in your gang’ whilst you discreetly enjoy the inner lollipop, Grillz is apparently the must-have candy that will have you ‘down with the kids’. 


Your thoughts

Have you come across candy weirder than our selection? Do you disagree with our choices? Perhaps you’ve tried something from the list or are curious to try a few for yourself? 

We’ll let you be the judge. Drop us a comment below with your thoughts.


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