Our Planet

Here at TreatGlobe, we love the world we live in, and we are working extremely hard to minimise our impact on the environment.  

Our Boxes

We spent hours choosing our box suppliers, from our subscription boxes to our beautiful basketware; we ensured that our packing, shipping cartons and cards could be reused or recycled. Our manufacturers have given us these reassurances. They promise:

  • Certified wood: Made from paper pulp that's sourced from responsibly managed forests and mills.
  • Compostable: Disintegrating into natural elements while in a specific environment, leaving no toxicity in the soil.
  • Alternative ink: Uses inks that use a base made of soy or vegetable oil rather than petroleum. 
  • Vegan: No animals were harmed in the making of this packaging.
  • Sustainable Manufacturing: Created in a factory that sources its energy from renewable sources.
  • Multiple-use: These products can be used to send items securely more than once.
  • Recyclable: Can be broken down and used as an ingredient of a new material.
  • Renewable: Renewable materials come from responsibly managed sources that can regenerate and replenish themselves on a human timescale.
  • Clean air policy: Manufacturers that remove toxins and pollutants from the air used during the manufacturing process.
  • Volume reduction: Reduced amount of material used and less space taken up during shipping.

    We constantly check in with our packing suppliers to make sure these standards and promises are kept.

    Our Products

    We source all of our products from UK based companies and, as much as possible local suppliers to TGHQ. We do this to reduce the mileage of our products. We are always looking for new suppliers, so if your business loves the planet as much as we do, reach out to us via our contact us page. 

    Our Business

    You are doing your bit by choosing us, so we need to do ours too! We promote working from home for our team and encourage them to use public transport when it's safe. We also aim to have only electric company vehicles by 2025, reducing our carbon footprint.

    Our Distribution

    We use our central LML distribution location for all TreatGlobe products, whether you purchase them from our website or a 3rd party supplier. This means we can not only control quality, but we can also plan routes better, reducing our impact on the environment. 

    Our Promise

    We have also committed to donate 5% from every new subscription* to various charities working hard to plant trees and protect the environment.

    Our Future

    These are the first stages we have taken to preserve our planet for future generations. If you feel like we can do better, let us know, and we will look into it! Thank you for your support.






    *Terms and Conditions apply.